I’m sick of Facebook

Well, I guess it’s not that I’m sick of Facebook, it’s that I’m tired of waiting for it to become something it is not going to be.  I’ve had some thoughts about this lately and now I think that I’ve finally come up with my solution: I’m going retro and making a blog.

When I think back to the blogger heyday from 2005 to 2008, it was really exciting to suddenly reconnect with so many people who I had lost contact with during those tumultuous years of college, mission, and early marriage.  It was so enjoyable to take 20-30 minutes a day to browse through people’s blogs, look at pictures, and see what was happening in their lives.  A couple of things destroyed this, the first was Google Reader, all of the sudden it became too easy to check through everyone; if there wasn’t something new or if they were a private blogger, then you’d find yourself not stopping in enough.  Then the other thing was Facebook.  Facebook was supposed to be like a mini-blog that allowed for quick updates, while at the same time finding lost contacts quicker and easier.  It has slowly been changing and with each change it has actually moved further away from what I want it to be: an expression of how I see myself presented to my family and friends online.

Instead, I find that my page is no longer a customized presentation of myself, but a catalog of worthless stuff, complaints, arguments and sometimes worse.  I had gotten to the point where I self-censor so much that I rarely every posted, and I certainly haven’t linked to any article in quite a long time.

There are parts of Facebook that I have kept me sticking to it though, and those parts all pretty much relate to sharing pictures.  I use Instagram several times a week, and I’ll load an album of photos when I have a vacation or an interesting event.  There is something about photos that make things more connected to the real world to me that a blurb of black and white text.  For text to represent the real world, the text needs enough volume to really put the reader into the text.  I would much rather read a column or article than a Facebook post or tweet.  Getting across great meaning through brevity is a talent that most do not have.  I certainly don’t have it.

So here I am, with a blog.