Yes, I have been delinquent in writing my blog. I know I don’t have a steady group of readers waiting for each and every new entry, but for my own personal fulfilment I like having a blog to get thoughts out of my head and to hold me responsible to the goals I’ve set for myself.

The reason I’ve had trouble writing for the past 85 days has to do with work and health. I picked up a second job as a group counselor therapist in early August that requires that I work an additional 12-20 hours per week on top of my full time job at BYU. I’m loving what I’m doing as a therapist by helping people through this intensive-outpatient program. However, it is high-stress work and the clients I’m working with are pretty much all suffering from chronic mental health conditions but they experienced a marked increase in severity prior to getting treatment through my program. On top of that in mid-August I became ill. I wasn’t sure what it was, but I have never felt that sick short of getting influenza. I went to the doctor twice to see if they could identify it, but they just kept assuring me that it wasn’t influenza or strep. It wasn’t until late August that doctors started noticing that enterovirus D68 was rampant around the country. I never went back to get it confirmed but I have no doubt that’s what it was. In the 30 some-odd days I was actively symptomatic I did some additional damage to my body from all the coughing. I bruised a rib and thought I’d given myself a hernia (fortunately that was just bruising too, not a full blown hernia).  So that one “cold” left me with lingering problems that I’m just now finally getting over.

The two blog projects that this completely derailed were my healthy living challenge and my #MormonPositive series. I leveled off on my weight loss, but fortunately haven’t regained much. It pretty solidly delayed my goal of getting below 20% body fat before Thanksgiving and Christmas, but I’m not giving up on becoming healthier in general (who knows, maybe the next time a nasty virus goes around, I’ll recover much faster).  For the #MormonPositive series, I’ll get back to writing those. Each of those entries take longer to write, and it has been hard to find the time with the new job. I do hope to write a few more before giving myself other topic to write regularly on (probably something related to mental health and psychotherapy next). Perhaps in the meantime I’ll go back to just writing something random on occasion when I have the time and desire to get my thoughts out.


Hitting a milestone

I don’t have a meeting with my health coach today because it’s finals week.  I still wanted to at least check in on here.

Big news, today when I went to weigh myself, I came in exactly 10 pounds under my starting weight!  I’ve been trying to make sure my weight check ins are consistent, so I use the scale in the gym locker room.  I know it’s accurate because the two times I had my BodPod measurement done I used the scale immediately afterward and got the same weight (granted only to the 10th of a pound, vs a 1000th).  On the days I go in I try to do it right before I eat lunch.  So it should be about right.  So, in about 6 1/2 weeks I’ve lost 10 pounds.  A good bit of progress.




For my goals for this week, here’s my performance:

  • Stick to my diet while the carnival is in town (Success!)
  • Get 300 minutes of cardio in (I got 240 minutes done)
  • Do 50 push-ups in reps 2 days a week (I did one day last week, meant to yesterday but forgot)
  • Attend spin class at least once (turns out they also closed for finals, boo)

I’ll carry over the goals to this next week since I didn’t get a chance to change them with my coach.