Hitting a milestone

I don’t have a meeting with my health coach today because it’s finals week.  I still wanted to at least check in on here.

Big news, today when I went to weigh myself, I came in exactly 10 pounds under my starting weight!  I’ve been trying to make sure my weight check ins are consistent, so I use the scale in the gym locker room.  I know it’s accurate because the two times I had my BodPod measurement done I used the scale immediately afterward and got the same weight (granted only to the 10th of a pound, vs a 1000th).  On the days I go in I try to do it right before I eat lunch.  So it should be about right.  So, in about 6 1/2 weeks I’ve lost 10 pounds.  A good bit of progress.




For my goals for this week, here’s my performance:

  • Stick to my diet while the carnival is in town (Success!)
  • Get 300 minutes of cardio in (I got 240 minutes done)
  • Do 50 push-ups in reps 2 days a week (I did one day last week, meant to yesterday but forgot)
  • Attend spin class at least once (turns out they also closed for finals, boo)

I’ll carry over the goals to this next week since I didn’t get a chance to change them with my coach.