Preliminary Healthy Life Assessment Data





Body Mass




Fat Free Mass




Fat Mass




% Fat Mass




As I said in my first post, a BodPod assessment I did shortly after I started monitoring what I was eating and actually exercising was what scared me into realizing that I needed more than just an active summer and to watch what I am eating.  Based on my 32.6% body fat, I decided to do a summer long fitness assessment and coaching.  Today was my assessment day and while I won’t get my full results until next week, my coach did give me a copy of today’s BodPod assessment.

I am pleased with my results.  In exactly 3 weeks I have successfully gained 1/3 pound of muscle and lost over 3 1/2 pounds of fat.  Yay me!  It is nice to know that I am actually doing my body some good.  I should be categorized as just having “Excessive Fat” instead of “Obese” within 3 weeks.

While I don’t know if this is at all realistic, I did project out what could possibly happen if I can maintain this pace for another 12 weeks when I do a 3rd BodPod:


Weekly Change

12-week Change

12-Week Projection

Body Mass




Fat Free Mass




Fat Mass




% Fat Mass



It would feel pretty good to be 13 pounds lighter by the end of summer, along with the thought that I’d have shed nearly 15 pounds of fat between now and then (over 18 since April).  It would be like no longer having to carry an extra 2 gallons of milk with me everywhere I go.  And yet, I will still be solidly in the “Excess Fat” range at the end of summer.

I went ahead to took these projections out a bit further, and again assuming I can hold to the same average per week, I won’t be “Moderately Lean” (<20% fat) until after 23 weeks of work, which will be November 12th.  If I want to really push myself until I hit the ideal of “Lean” (<12% fat) I wouldn’t reach that until February 11th, next year.

The more I ponder this, the clearer it’s becoming that to really pull this off I’m going to need to make real lifestyle changes, not just diet changes. I need to get out of my office chair more regularly, walk WAY more, make exercise a way of life, and change my dietary habits (bye bye Rips).